Forge - NFT creator.

Forge is an NFT minting service and turn your digital assets real.

How to turn your digital creation into a real valuable asset? Let blockchain technology help. NFT (Non-fungible Token) secures the ownership, immutability, and scarcity of digital item. You provide the creation, we do the rest.


NFT Minting Services

User-friendly tools for everyone either you are a pro or not.

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Go Simple  ⟶

For individual content creators, we have a simple way to mint NFTs.

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Go Pro  ⟶

For Brands, IP owners or Game Studios, we have a comprehensive solution for you.


User-friendly tools to help business publish and manage NFT with ease.

Batch Minting

Call APIs or submit sheets to mint NFTs

Redeem Links

Easily deliver NFTs to your users.

Flexible APIs

Highly customizable NFT use cases.


Save gas fees. Well-audited smart contract templates.


Our Clients

Business Clients and NFT Use Cases.

Collectible Cards

Film production house publishes "The Last Thieves" themed collectible cards as its digital merchandise.

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3D Virtual Figures.jpg

3D Virtual Figures

Collaborates with fighting game "Fight of Animals" and publishes 3D virtual figure of its game characters. Can also be shown in AR demo.

Wine Collection

Limited red wine form vintage winery, Nekeas. Treasure the unique experience in blockchain and in your heart.

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Digital Art.png

Digital Artwork

Transform image, videos, GIFs, and 3D objects into digital collectibles to secure the immutability, scarcity, and ownership.


Supported Blockchains

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